April 17, 2019


      Conference Call

Board of Directors-7:00 p.m.


Be sure to pass on to the Board any comments or concerns you have.



Welcome to the new officers and directors, thank you for serving  OSDS in 2019!



Past President-Dave Viklund



President-Cynthia Mills



Vice President-Paul Stauffer



Sectretary-Laurene Stephan



Treasurer-Donna Grimes



Eastern Director/Webmaster-Elaine La Rochelle



Western Director-Linda Morgan



Director At Large-Liz Stenning



Director At Large-Jan Elliot




Be sure to pay your 2019 dues before you sanction, enter or insure a trial




For more details see our Trial/Events page!

Welcome to the Oregon Sheep Dog Society Website!


Oregon Sheep Dog Society promotes the effective use of stock dogs for herding sheep, cattle and other livestock. Learn about trials, clinics, training classes and how to join the society.

 Established in 1938, we are proud to be the oldest Herding club in North America.

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to all the 2018 OSDS TOP TEAM WINNERS!



Champion - Noelle Williams and Bea

Reserve Champion - Lorri Schubert and June

3rd Maggi McClure and Coal

4th Jo Ferguson and Brite

5th Paul Murray and Lexi


Pro Novice

Champion - Bob Hickman and RMS Kee

Reserve Champion - Jo Ferguson and Baxter  

3rd Nora Limbo and Jock 

4th Trudy Viklund and Jillaroo

5th Ashley Wright and Tuck



Champion - Laurene Stephan and Sloan

Reserve Champion - Lucy Cross and Hatch

3rd Lorrie Crumpler and Remi

4th Elaine La Rochelle and Belle

5th Lorrie Crumpler and Lola